Make smarter decisions by being informed about your customers.

Data makes all the difference.

Here's how
it works.

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First, load all of your brand's products.

Our application makes it easy to get them all in there.

Next, your customers scan your unique QR code to access your review flow.

Choose from all of the available formats in your inventory, or select "Any Format" for a more wide recommendation.

Then, they tell you exactly how they feel.

Our intelligent, custom-made AI algorithm will calculate which products are the best match based on the chemical profile most likely to deliver your desired experience.

Here's what Customer Insights does for your business.

Drives Customer Engagement.

Companies that have engaging, reliable experiences perform better than those who don't.

Get All The Data You Need.

Make informed decisions - don't shoot in the dark.

Customer Satisfaction.

Your customers feel heard when you ask them what they think, and that's great for making them feel good.

Here's all the info you get back, and who that helps.

For Your Marketing Team

  • Social proof feedback direct from customers
  • Identify favorite products
  • Identify least favorite products
  • Complete respondent demographic data

For Your Product Team

  • Direct quality, taste, potency, and effect feedback
  • Make inventory decisions based on product popularity
  • Make formulation decisions based on product feedback

For Operations

  • Optimize your dispensary's operations based on customer feedback
  • Gauge your operational satisfaction and efficiency

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